The journey through life can be testing, hence, we have setup a support structure and network to help our brothers and sisters where we can.

The aim is to help across a broad spectrum of areas, which may result in supporting you with, for instance, a medical condition, or just having someone to talk to. Please see community services for more information.

We would like to focus on mental health, a taboo subject that many do not know who to turn to. Especially difficult when many support groups do not cater for Islamic etiquettes or truly understand the role of religion in the road to recovery.

We can start by working with you, to increase your knowledge, by undertaking the following;

•A holistic approach to (i) understanding, (ii) managing & (iii) overcoming a condition

•A forum to disseminate information around the spectrum of common Mental Health Conditions

•Emotional support “lending an ear” 

•A forum to actively seek out families that are affected by a specific condition

•Guidance on how and where to seek professional medical advice, including the NHS, Private Healthcare

The service is currently limited to West London, however, we aim to provide similar help across all quadrants of London, inshAllah.