Primary Support – mental health care is the focal point of our support
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Mental Health

Provide moral support and guidance for our communities at large when dealing with the stigma of Mental Health Conditions. Whilst we do not provide any clinical or medical diagnosis, we are equipped to provide a level of advice to families that they are desperately in need of, in terms of information around the spectrum of conditions that often leave families with no real understanding of how, why and where to get the right help.

Our ultimate goal is the provision of education and support services that will empower our communities, to better understand the topic of mental health, whilst explaining the various routes that can be taken to seek out professional help.

We firmly believe that no one, let alone entire families should suffer in silence and are on hand to offer advice that is so badly needed, especially given the current societal pressures we all face.  In line with our spiritual values, we advocate a holistic approach to these problems in attempting to overcome or simply understand and manage a condition.

Whether the individual is a child or elderly, help should always be sought and provided.

Secondary Supportthe services in this section will be available shortly
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Whether you are facing physical, verbal or mental abuse we can support you by finding the correct next steps for you to undertake to help resolve your stressful and potentially threating situation.

Abuse can happen at all ages, to both women and men.

Muslim Groups e.g. ISIS

It can be confusing times, especially with era of social media.

If you or someone you know is confused about the information shared by some Muslim groups and subsequently, for example, start to lean toward the likes of ISIS, feel free to contact us so that we can help inshAllah.

You can also visit for more information.

Need a Hand

There are many reasons that you may need some extra help, while you get back on your feet or get some long term support, for example;

  • Sporting injury prevents you from going shopping
  • Family on emergency trip so you need someone to collect your medicine
  • Looking for a trusted plumber or electrician
  • Just someone to talk to


Hijama (cupping) is a remedy recommended and used by the Messenger of Allah Muhammad ﷺ (peace and blessings be upon him). 

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said:

Indeed the best of remedies you have is cupping (Hijama)

Narrated in Al Bukhari

He ﷺ also said that on the night of Al Isra wa al-Mi’raj He did not pass by an angel except that the angel said to him, 

O Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon Him), order your nation [ummah] with cupping (Hijama)


What are the benefits?

Hijama extracts and removes acidic toxic waste which accumulates in the body (blood stasis). Sources of toxic waste include the polluted air we breathe; toxic chemicals found in our food, water, drinks, household chemicals and toiletries; environmental waste in our neighborhood; junk food and smoking; waste products of normal body metabolism; products of medicinal drug metabolism; impact of trauma and accidents on the body; and toxins from mental stress, anger, anxiety and depression.

People may experience symptoms or diseases such as aches and pains, numbness, fever, cough, stomach ache, constipation, diarrhoea and headaches. If left untreated, further accumulation of toxic waste can lead to serious chronic diseases including hypertension, ulcers, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, migraine, heart disease, infertility, stroke and cancer etc.

Hijama helps the body eliminate toxins and improve blood circulation. In turn this aids the healthy flow of blood to the organs providing them with the nutrients they need to function more effectively inshaAllah. 


Ruqya is the recitation of the Holy Qur’an as a source of healing; seeking refuge in Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) through remembrance and supplications that are used as a means of treating sicknesses and other problems.

Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) says (English translated meaning):

And We sent down the Qur’an which is a healing and a mercy to those who believe.

Surah Al-Isra’ 17:82

Ruqya can be done to cure evil eye, possession of jinn, envy and magic.

Yaqeen (belief in the methodology) and Tawakkal (trust, reliance and dependence in Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala as the Source of all healing and cure) is essential whilst having Ruqya.